3D Imaging

Oral Surgery Hawaii uses advanced imaging tools to ensure that your diagnosis is made with the most accurate information possible. Our office is fitted with the CS 9300, a 3D CT scanner that provides detailed three-dimensional images of your mouth at a fraction of the radiation of traditional X-rays.

The images created by our 3D CT scanner give your surgeon far more information about your condition and the location of crucial structures, such as nerves, than traditional X-rays. The 3D images are so accurate and detailed that they can be used to create custom molds and surgical guides for your procedure, even when you are not at the office. These surgical guides are especially helpful for dental implant procedures.


The level of detail provided by 3D imaging provides a variety of benefits for patients:

  • More accurate images, reducing the chances of surprises during surgery
  • Ability to plan treatments without the patient being present, saving time and reducing the number of visits
  • Less radiation exposure than traditional X-rays
  • Allows your surgeon to share scans with your general dentist or physician quickly and easily

This 3D imaging can help in the treatment planning process for a variety of oral surgery procedures, including dental implant placement, pre-prosthetic surgery, complex wisdom teeth cases, orthognathic surgery, and more. If you come to our office, your surgeon may recommend 3D imaging at your consultation appointment.


When you come to our practice, you can rest assured that you will be treated using the most advanced and reliable tools available. Our surgical staff regularly participates in continuing education courses to learn about the latest advancements in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery. For more information about our 3D imaging services or to schedule your oral surgery consultation, feel free to contact one of our offices in Honolulu, Aiea, and Kaneohe, HI, today.

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