Dr. Yamamoto’s bedside manner helped her feel involved and comfortable.

I was referred to Oral Surgery Hawaii because I had a root canal and an abscess. And because I love nuts, I was chewing so hard that it cracked. Dr. Yamamoto's plan was to make sure that the infection was gone before he tried to open it up and start working and putting an implant. He was very thorough, explaining every phase, making sure that all my questions were answered. He's truly a surgeon, but with the best bedside approach — always looking at your body ques. If you need to raise your hand and you feel you think that there's pain, he catches on. He stops, gives you a break. I felt like I was involved, and I was not just laying back being a passive patient. It made me feel good, like I want to come back. If I need to come back, I'm coming back.

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