Our team made her wisdom teeth removal a positive experience.

I had to get my wisdom teeth taken out. I had two of them. I do not like anything that involves the word surgery, so I was definitely nervous to get my wisdom teeth extracted. Dr. Yamamoto and his staff were definitely super helpful. They were all really friendly; even from when you walk in the door, they greet you with a smile, so that's really comforting, especially in a situation where I was very nervous, so it was helpful that everyone was so nice and accommodating at that time. If any of my family or friends in Manoa, Pearl City, or Hawaii Kai need their wisdom teeth taken out, I would definitely go to Oral Surgery Hawaii. Thank you, Dr. Yamamoto and staff! You guys definitely made my experience a lot better than what I expected. I was definitely nervous coming in, but you guys are so friendly and so accommodating, so thank you.

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