She was confident in Dr. Kitamura and felt reassured by his knowledge.

I had an X-ray that showed a very, very large cyst in my jaw. I had no idea it was there, but it was so big that it had eaten a great chunk of the bone in my jaw. So by the time that I got to see Oral Surgery Hawaii, they asked me to no chew down on carrots, to not eat anything except soft food, because my jaw might fracture. Dr. Kitamura was very, very reassuring. He's just a very reassuring person. He made me completely confident that even if some risk did happen — for example, if somehow the jaw bone fractured for one reason or another, which was not at all impossible — that he would take care of me. You should definitely call Dr. Kitamura because you'll be treated like gold, and you'll have a really competent oral surgeon.

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