He was reassured seeing how attentive the staff was while caring for him.

I lost my two front teeth. After the accident, they put them back in using braces, and they stayed in for a couple decades — 20 years or so. And, at that point, they started to get loose. I went to see Dr. Yamamoto, and he took over my case at that point. He informed me that I was going to need a bone graft to fix the problem that I had to patch the hole in my gums, and after that, I'd be able to have implants put in that would give me back my smile that I had had. Recovery was a few days, just like Dr. Yamamoto had said. They did send flowers just to make sure we were okay, so very good after-patient care. To know that someone was actually paying attention to how I was doing after the surgery was very reassuring. I would recommend Oral Surgery Hawaii in the highest regards. Can't praise them enough.

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