She was impressed with how quickly her treatment went.

I came to see Dr. Yamamoto because I had a really bad infection in my tooth. I had seen another doctor, and we discussed getting a root canal, and I decided that wasn't something I wanted to do. So I came to see Dr. Yamamoto, and we decided that a dental implant would be the best choice. The procedure seemed so simple, but I think that's because Dr. Yamamoto is a genius. During the extraction — I had the extraction and the implant done at the same time, and he had done it so fast, I didn't even realize that we were almost done. It was easy, breezy — best decision ever. For anyone who needs to have a dental implant or extraction done, I would definitely say go see Dr. Yamamoto and his team at Oral Surgery Hawaii for any of your dental needs because it was the best decision I made.

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