Dr. Kitamura made sure she felt prepared and knew exactly what to expect.

My wisdom teeth were coming out for about two years, and I actually got an infection in my teeth, and I was in a lot of pain, so it had to happen pretty quickly. I was very nervous about getting my wisdom teeth taken out, but Dr. Kitamura made me feel a lot more comfortable while at the procedure, and I was excited to do it. Dr. Kitamura went through the process with me about what it would be, some of the side effects that could happen, and what was going to happen during the procedure, and let me know what all my options were for anesthesia, and it just made me feel really comfortable. I would definitely recommend Oral Surgery Hawaii and seeing Dr. Kitamura because I was really nervous for such a long time about getting my wisdom teeth taken out, and the procedure was quick, easy, and I was back to my normal routine, so I was scared for no reason.

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